Get Cozy with Hygge

How do you enjoy a snowy day? Is it getting cozy by the fire? Maybe playing games with a group of friends?

This topic has come up around the office as we experience an extra snowy winter–especially as of late.

When planning events, it doesn’t always have to be big and extravagant, sometimes simple and intimate speaks louder. How do we describe an environment like this? Hygge.

Hygge–pronounced “hoo-gah”–is a Danish word that loosely translates as a way of living simply and contentedly with cozy aspects. The concept of hygge took the world by storm in 2016 and more notably wowed America in 2017. This lifestyle trend sparked books, articles, videos, and evidently party themes. But we are here to bring it back this winter and to give you some tips on how to incorporate hygge into your snowy season events.

Red Carpet Events & Design recently got the opportunity to participate in a stylized shoot with a variety of local vendors. This shoot encompassed hygge aspects we want to bring back into the event space! All vendors will be listed at the bottom of this blog.

Hygge is all about savoring the special moments, being cozy, and comfortable. BUT this doesn’t mean minimal effort. Go the extra mile and make your gathering really shine! Here are some ways to do just that.

Make It Personal

One strong aspect of hygge, is bringing people together. If you’re thinking about throwing a party using this concept, keep the guest list small. This will allow for more intentional conversations and a cozier crowd.

Set the Mood

Lighting is something very important for any event. Adding candles to a table or around the room will add intimacy. Additionally, consider other specialty lighting in the room like bare bulb lights or twinkle lights on the ceiling. The warm lighting will provide a soft and inviting ambiance.

Lounge Around

Incorporating comfy seating is something that will be key to making your guests feeling comfortable. Choose couches and chairs that people can sink into. Add in some soft blankets and pillows to tempt guests to snuggle up. Provide floor seating with rugs and fluffy poufs.

Leave Phones at Home

Remember that hygge is about being present in the moment. Give your guests the opportunity to completely unplug from the world of technology by encouraging people to silence their phones and stash them for the event. It will be hard–but it will also be worth the opportunity to fully engage and embrace the silent moments in between.

Bring the Cozy Everywhere

Throwing a hygge party doesn’t mean it all has to be inside. Bring a little hygge into the great outdoors! If you’re doing something outside, bring similar aspects from the inside to create flow between your spaces. Curate a space with rugs, lanterns, blankets, and throws to provide an expert level of comfort!

Keep It Simple

While you’ll never want your guests to be bored, having too many activities at your event takes away from the relaxed thoughtfulness that hygge embraces. Encourage everyone to indulge in food, sip on some delicious drinks, and to fully relax! Make your space simple with minimum amount of activities.

Treat Yourself

Another big aspect of hygge is food. Comfort food is something that makes everyone feel at home and relaxed. Stick to classic simple dishes that you know your family and friends will love. Something that will warm them up with every bite! Like a delicious mac-n-cheese or hearty bowl of soup–and definitely baked goods! Remember, hygge is about being in the moment, that means treating everyone to simply delicious treats to indulge on.

Forget About Pressure

The final key to embracing the hygge spirit is relaxing and being kind to yourself. To fully embrace hosting a hygge party means to enjoy it and not stress about the details. Keep things simple and doable. Ultimately, everyone should have a good time without anything to worry about!

Hygge is all about comfort. Take these concepts and apply them to a planned event or maybe an impromptu gathering at home. When it comes down to it, have a good time, savor the small moments, and remember to cozy up!


Cake: Rebel Pioneer 

Catering: Roundabout Catering & Event Rentals

Calligraphy: Katie O’Brien

Dress: Swoon Bridal

Floral: A Floral Affair

Hair & Makeup: Jensen & Co. Salon

Linen: Creative Coverings 

Photography: Annie Mason

Rentals & Decor: Red Carpet Events & Design

Stationary: Pretty Little Paper Co. 

Table & Chairs: Roundabout Catering & Event Rentals

Venue: Tannenbaum Event Center

Videography: Little Wild