Going Green

Going green is a sublime way to add some unique pizzazz! Greenery is calming, ethereal, and abundantly versatile. Bringing nature in can be done in so many ways–the design possibilities are endless! We are always on the hunt for ways to take what’s on trend and make it luxe and unique, and greenery is always our favorite medium! To spread inspiration, we have created a list of 5 ways to incorporate greenery into any event.


Succulents are a dainty and fun way to add a hip and earthy vibe to your event. Their interesting colors and patterns are magnificently eye catching, which makes them fun to use in place of floral or potted and used as a minimalist centerpiece.


Everyone loves a reminder of that perfect day on a tropical isle, be it a fruity drink or lush, exotic greenery! Whether you lean more towards an authentic tropical design or a modern approach, tropical greens create stunning shapes and shadows.

Dried and Textured

Not all greenery has to be “green”. There is an abundance of fantastically textured dried plants that can add a trendy edge to your arrangement. Opportunities are endless: pumas grass, dried wheat, branches, or, if you want to get funky, dried lotus pods! All are beautiful elements that can bring drama into any design.


Hello spring smells! How intoxicating is the idea of incorporating herbs into a design? Everyone knows the iconic and luxurious look and drool worthy smell of popular herbs. If your a bride, think of how calming it’d be to have the smells of lavender, rosemary, and sage wafting around you on your big day! If you’re hosting an event, your guests will go nuts over an interactive centerpiece where they can pick their own herbs and enjoy the smell or use as a keepsake!

Potted Plants

Potted plants are a ultra stylish way to create a lush statement piece; be it minimal and sophisticated or bushy, large, and fluffy for lots of drama. “Over the top” isn’t an expression in our vocabulary. Potted plants are amazing because you can always find a home for them after an event. Put your hands up if you love an environmentally friendly twist!!


All in all, using greenery can be as elaborate or as simple as you want, but no matter which effect decide to take, you can’t go wrong with any of these unique trends. Keep Red Carpet Events & Design in mind if you’re thinking about adding a luxurious and trendy greenery (or floral) aspect to your next event!