The Special Event 2019

Just a few weeks ago we had the privilege of traveling to sunny San Diego for The Special Event 2019. When we weren’t too busy fangirling over celeb event professionals like Kristin Banta, Clint Upchurch, and Michael Cerbelli we were networking like crazy; attending the amazing Showcasing Events; exploring the jam-packed trade show (our fave booths? The Original Butt Sketch, Supercool Creamery, and Gastro Garage); and, of course, learning as much as possible! Here are just a few of our many takeaways …

Set aside ten minutes of every day to squeeze new juice.

In his session “Your Keys to a Successful Show,” Rob Barber of Atomic Design emphasized how important it is to spend at least ten minutes every day learning about something new. Doing so will help us to think differently, take a different approach, and ultimately be more creative. For example, Kristin Banta says that she finds inspiration in art, fashion, tech, travel, interior design, architecture, history – you name it! The team behind Perfect Surroundings Int’l says that they find inspiration in other people who rock at what they do!

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Obviously this phrase isn’t a new pearl of wisdom – in fact, our Director of Business Operations, Brynna, says it on the daily – but every. single. speaker mentioned it in some form or another. And not just among your internal team but among your external team as well. For instance, when discussing “The Secrets of Reacting like a PRO When S$Xt Hits the Fan,” Darrin Roberts of Darrinity By Design stressed how important it is to surround yourself with incredible vendors … because you never know when you might need their help. We may be a little biased but we think that Red Carpet Events & Design has a rock star internal team and, equally as significant, we work with unbelievable vendors who go the extra mile and continue to astound us every event!

Events ought to be guest-centric, immersive experiences.

No matter the type of event, ALL events are ALLLLL about the guests. Rob Barber encouraged us to consider where exactly the experience begins. The parking lot? The front door of the venue? Regardless of where, guests’ experience should begin where the event begins. Hence all of those fancy red carpets at award shows and premiers. And Kevin Molesworth’s session about “Guest-Centric Design” highlighted the idea of incorporating all senses cohesively in to an event – sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Sublimotion – a restaurant in the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza – is a fantastic example of a multi-sensory experience that begins even before the first course.

Without a doubt we had a spectacular time at this year’s The Special Event. We can’t wait to see what The Special Event 2020 in Las Vegas has in store for us! We hope to see you all there!