How to Add a Splash of Lake Tahoe to Your Lake Tahoe Wedding: Welcome Bags & Wedding Favors

For many of our couples, their Lake Tahoe wedding is a destination wedding… for them as well as for their guests. With destination weddings, we LOVVVE it when our couples greet their guests with welcome bags – either at check-in or waiting for them in their hotel rooms. Because who doesn’t love getting a goody bag?!? And not only are welcome bags extremely thoughtful, they set the tone and the style of the weekend ahead.

While it may be the bride and groom’s millionth time visiting Lake Tahoe, it might be some of their guests’ first time to the area! Welcome bags are a fantastic opportunity for couples to share with their guests why and what about Lake Tahoe that they love so much. We’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite Lake Tahoe welcome bag goodies.

A Reusable Tote

The old adage goes “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” BUTTTTT the actual bag itself is the first thing your guests will see so why not spring for a stylish bag like this one that guests will definitely be able (and want) to use over and over again. The grocery store and/or the gym are both appropriate reuses for a Lake Tahoe themed tote.

Welcome Letter + Itinerary

Let your guests know how excited you are to see them and how meaningful it is to have them present for the most important day of your life. It makes them feel comfortable and is such a thoughtful way to start their first impression of your wedding weekend.

Wedding guests have a tendency to forget the little details; like what time the shuttles are picking everyone up at or if the farewell brunch has a dress code. To resolve these little issues, as well as to acknowledge any last-minute schedule changes, make it as easy for them as possible. Give them a very detailed weekend itinerary with very specific locations and times. Take this opportunity to remind them one last time to bring a sweater or leave their heels at the hotel.

Town Map + Highlights

You should absolutely give your guests a map of the area – especially if they have never been before.

Add a bit of personalization by indicating you and your other half’s favorite restaurants, activities and things to see. You wouldn’t want your guests to miss out on Garwood’s infamous Wet Woody, would you? Or the gorgeous Emerald Bay vista?

Tahoe Tap

Traveling can be dehydrating – especially for guests journeying from locations not at elevation. To help your guests stay hydrated so that they can PARTAY! until the wee hours (and avoid altitude sickness) include a couple of bottles of water in the welcome bag.

Or, even better, reusable water bottles like these … because tap water from Lake Tahoe is famous for a reason. Water might also come in handy the morning after the wedding for those of your guests who indulged just a bit too much the night before. And no one wants to be paying a resort premium price of $5 per bottle of water.

Your Favorite Nibbles + Drinks

Either salty or sweet (or both!), include a portion sized version of your favorite Lake Tahoe snack in the welcome bag for guests to indulge in before the ceremony or after the party.

One of our favorite Tahoe made snacks is Tahoe Trail Bars. And what better way to kick off the celebration than booze? Beer from Alibi Ale Works or canned cocktails from 10 Torr Distillery and Brewery are such a fun way for guests to start the party a little early in their rooms as they get ready for your rehearsal dinner or welcome reception. We are also a fan of gifting your guests coffee beans from a favorite local spot like Clyde’s Coffee Roasting Company… coffee will be a welcome sight come morning, as your guests either get ready for the farewell brunch or to check out of their rooms.

Although a sweet touch, welcome bags for ALLLLL of your guests can escalate quickly on top of an already expensive weekend. Another way you can incorporate Lake Tahoe goodies into your wedding is the favors that you gift to your guests at the end of the evening. And the best wedding favors are ones that are well thought out and purposeful … not ones that guests leave behind on their tables at the end of the night. You want to gift your guests something easily repurposed at home, something that serves as a wonderful reminder of how fun your wedding was. For some inspiration for your own Lake Tahoe wedding favors, take a peek at some of our favorite ideas below.

Beverages + Bites

We have all seen the custom mini-champagne bottles that serve as favors. Don’t get me wrong, individual champagne bottles are a fantastic option for guests to toast in your honor when they get home.

But why not take it one step further and tailor it to Lake Tahoe with mini-Tahoe Blue vodka bottles! Or, even better, assorted Lake Tahoe libations can double as escort cards making them resourceful while also providing a personal touch that your guests can take home with them. Think, a can of FiftyFifty Brewing Co. beer designates one table while a can of Lake Tahoe AleWorX beer designates another and so on. If alcohol is not your thing, consider locally made eats such as Kimmie Candy with custom packaging … there are dozens of tasty flavors to choose from!


Whether you are hosting a casual dinner or an elegant affair, trinkets of all shapes and sizes can be used as favors. Because what says “Thanks for attending our beautiful Lake Tahoe wedding” more than a gift your guests can take home!?!

Tahoe Wood Maps creates lovely wood ornaments and magnets in the shape of Lake Tahoe. Providing flannel blankets for cooler nights are a Tahoe wedding staple. And they are a fantastic gift for guests to take home at the end of the night.