100 Years of Reno Rodeo

By Ashley Espin

Photo by Matt Cohen

If you have ever attended the Reno Rodeo, then you know it is a true blue Reno experience from the moment you park to the moment you leave. The performances are captivating with events like bull riding, bronc riding, barrel racing, roping and mutton busting just to name a few. The rodeo clown will keep you laughing and the specialty acts will leave you wanting more.  The stands are always packed with fans who come from all over the world to watch the wildest, richest rodeo in the west.  This year you can expect big things…  this year the Reno Rodeo is celebrating its 100th anniversary and it is a BIG deal!

100 years… imagine the history that arena has witnessed. If only it could talk, what stories do you think it would tell? I am sure you would hear about the thousands of hardworking cowboys and cowgirls that have entered that arena. Some leaving as champions with the coveted silver spurs, some making history and some leaving brokenhearted. It’s seen some of the greatest specialty acts in the nation and has always had the best of the best when it comes to stock, clowns and bullfighters. It has joined fans in awe as we watch the famous Nevada sunsets grace the evening sky.  It’s been home to the annual carnival, vendor booths and of course the famous ‘Jack Tent’ for as long as I can remember.

When you close your eyes and picture the Reno Rodeo what do you see?  I can see the young first timers sitting on the edges of their seats, with eyes wide open so as not to miss a single second of the action. I can almost smell the scent of fresh funnel cakes and dirt and I can hear the voice of Bob Tallman as he welcomes all the fans to the evening performance. It’s a place for people to get away from their stresses, make memories, and experience a little bit of the wild west.

Photo by Fred Cornelius

The rodeo isn’t the only thing happening on the fairgrounds these 10 days. Events such as kids day, the special kids rodeo, and several different ropings take place daily. It really is a family affair all the way around and I promise it is one experience you will never forget!

What many don’t realize is that this rodeo is so much more than just a 10 day show. It is a family, a family made up of hundreds of volunteers that make this event possible. The Reno Rodeo is a non profit organization and  is known for the positive impact it has had on the community over the years. I had the honor of being Miss Reno Rodeo in 2014 and was able to witness first hand the love the association has for this community.

Photo by Matt Cohen

“We rodeo for the kids” is a phrase you’ll hear and see often, and is the reason so many people volunteer.  Their charitable arm has given millions back to the community through scholarships, grants, and local non profits. They have built riding facilities for children with disabilities, a recreational center for abused and neglected children and provided thousands of children in foster care with clothing and toys.  Through several programs designed for all ages, the association has been able to help so many children gain the life tools they need to be successful. Most of all, this organization provides hope; hope to children and families all across Northern Nevada.

As a company, we love the Reno Rodeo and are proud to be going in to our 5th year as a sponsor of this incredible 10 day event. Here is to making more memories at this year’s 100th celebration – we’ll see you there!