New Look, Same Red Carpet

by Brynna

Red Carpet has changed a lot over the years. I’m happy to say I’ve grown along with it. I was attending college out of state in 2008 when I got a call from my mom explaining that a once in a lifetime opportunity had presented itself. After nearly two decades of success in the hospitality industry, she was transitioning into entrepreneurship.

She dove into the new reality of owning a business. Hustling for the corporate clients that still had some budget left for events during the recession and ensuring that wedding dreams still came to fruition for couples who were hit by the economic downturn, Red Carpet earned a reputation. For customer service. For creativity. And for hard work. For over ten years, Red Carpet has stayed true to the reputation earned in those early years.

Through the years, the company has grown, and pivoted, and grown even more. Always though, we adhere to those founding principles of customer service, creativity and hard work. It has connected us to clients that we are so grateful to work with every single day.

Eventually, I landed back in Northern Nevada and here at my desk at Red Carpet. I’ve been here for the past three and half years now and what I know for sure is that every day we get to foster amazing relationships with clients, have the uncanniest brainstorm sessions, work alongside the best teammates and create the most amazing events ever.

The company has matured, and with that maturity, a rebrand was necessary. Taking the brand’s look and feel to the next level is a visual representation of a company that has grown into an even better version of its original self. Holding onto the good, letting go of the not so great, we are so excited to share our new look with you!