Holiday Tablescapes

Happy Holidays! During this wonderful season here at Red Carpet Events & Design, our warehouse turns into a decorative workshop filled with all types of festive decor! As we are pulling down all of the trees, wreaths, and garlands, we are inspired by the brightness of the holidays. In this time, our skills of decorating translate from professional events into our homes. From stringing tree lights to creating an amazing food display, we have mastered it all. Here are a few of our favorite ways to spruce up your dining room table or dinner buffet at your holiday events.

Linen Runner

Our first tip is to add some color and dimension to your table with a linen runner! Whether it runs down the middle of your table or peeks out from underneath platters of food on your buffet, adding a linen runner can elevate the look of your display. We love to use a light fabric, like chiffon, so we can “fluff” the runner to create texture or lay gently on the table for an overflowing look. Want to tie up the loose ends? Create a large, loose knot on the extra length for a modern and edgy look. Another unique way to use a runner is to drape it width-wise over the table, creating a place mat for each person. It’s always fun to come up with new ways to play with existing design trends – take your favorite pin on Pinterest and add your own creative flair!


Accent Decor

Once you have your runner placed, play with different accent pieces to build a design. One of our favorite go-to’s is to mix and match candles and bud vases. With the candles, play with different styles, sizes, and holders. Using varying heights and candle sizes can add to your overall design of a gorgeous table or buffet. Don’t have any candle holders at home? Grab a glass cylinder or vase and plop your wax candles inside. This creates a sleek and elegant finished look to the candle. Creating a cohesive look with multiple pieces can be tricky as you don’t want to overwhelm the design, so stick to a few specific colors or styles to keep the design cohesive.


Finally, add a final touch with floral! One of our favorite trends this holiday season is dried floral. The inspiration is everywhere we look, and it is so fun to play with these rich, warm colors. We love the idea of a DIY night to create fun foliage wreaths. These can be used to hang around your house, or as a centerpiece with a giant candle placed inside. Wanting to add more life to your table? Don’t shy away from the fresh stuff! Adding a bright greenery runner or wintry flowers to your food displays can provide that extra touch as well. Use your creative mind to go big and create a large display! We love the look of a hanging floral chandelier over the table or a stunning eclectic centerpiece created out of dried floral.. Either way, your guests are sure to be wowed.

With these ideas, we hope to help create an amazing holiday display for your family and friends. If you are looking for more inspiration, check out our Instagram to see our latest work. Lastly, happy holidays from Red Carpet Events & Design to you!