Cheese Please! 7 Steps to Hosting the Best Cheese Party Ever

By Brynna Nichols

Are you FETA up with the typical party? Let me tell you folks, I just threw the cheese party of my life and you RICOTTA do it too! Whether it is social night with the gals, a festive happy hour, a relaxed rehearsal dinner, or a corporate team builder – I’m fairly certain that cheese can bring groups of any size together (even your vegan friends with the variety of vegan cheeses on the market these days!). Below are my top suggestions to not only host a cheese tasting party, but to ensure a FONTINA time.

Hype it up

Half the fun of a cheese party is the marketing that goes into it. Think of all the cheese puns you can possibly MUENSTER up and let your FROMAGINATION  be your limit.

Figure out the cheesetails

The right venue can make or break a cheese party. My personal favorite is to find a bottle shop that allows outside food to be brought in. Take it to the beach for picnic style or bring it out to pep up a tailgate party.

Choose your cheese theme!

Dig down into a specific region, like Wisconsin! Or maybe have a head to head tasting competition for every type of Swiss you can find. Options are endless, and no one will judge you if you simply end up raiding the Costco cheese cooler.

Get the right supplies

display of cheeses and fruit

Make sure you have enough cheese boards and knives to serve everything in style! Pairing the cheese with the right food (local honey, a sweet fig preserve or crispy crackers) as well as beer and wine are essential to a complete cheese party.

Tell the cheese story

Label each cheese with the name, origin, brand name, and pairing suggestions. Want to go all out? Find a local Certified Cheese Professional, like Wedge on Wheels, to provide a professional cheesy education experience.

Enjoy the cheese

It may be hard with all the friends that will show up to your cheese party, but don’t forget to actually enjoy the cheese! Make sure to taste all of your specialty pairings.

No guest need leave empty handed

You will inevitably have leftover cheese, so make sure to have ample cheese paper on hand to pack up the yummiest party favor ever.

If you are thinking to yourself, I would LOVE to host a cheese tasting party, but I’d prefer to leave the cheese to the professionals, contact us here at Red Carpet Events & Design and you can be sure that we will take care of all the details to guarantee a GOUDA time.