Remarkable Events and Our 5 Senses

When we reflect on moments when we have felt most elated, it is almost always in environments where all of our senses were stimulated and satisfied – sight, taste, smell, sound, and feel. For example:

On a beach: views of rich blue waves, sipping a cold beverage, inhaling warm salty air, the sounds of laughter, and a cozy beach chair with your feet in hot, grainy sand.

In your favorite restaurant: warm, rich light from table candles, your favorite savory and umami meal lighting up your taste buds, invigorating smells waft from your plate, low happy chatter and ambient music, and a delectably comfortable and soft chair.

Every event should engage the 5 senses to leave guests with lasting memories – whether those be precious moments at a wedding or a corporate training. To inspire your next event, we have put together a few of our favorite ideas to sense up your next event!


Lighting lighting lighting! We can’t say it enough! Inviting lighting is a major key to all events! Dimming fluorescents and adding warm market or twinkle lighting can do wonders for a space. For extra mood, use colored market or twinkle lights to enhance the feeling you are trying to create, such as icy blue for an icy nordic theme. When your budget allows, we also recommending stepping up your lighting game by contracting a professional Audio/Visual company to create a real show-stopping environment.


One of our favorite ways to incorporate taste coincidentally incorporates sight as well! Find a way to make the food component of your event immersive. We love a good cooking demonstration that’s either on brand or locally representative. Or curate a custom cocktail list! The taste will be that much better – because it came from the heart and creativity of the host!


Hosting a circus or movie themed event? Set up a popcorn station at the entrance to welcome your guests with the aroma of your theme to set the mood! Are you a healthcare company or hosting a health and wellness event? Greet your guests with a fresh fruit and smoothie bar that will fill the entrance with a light and airy fragrance, prepping them for all things wellness! And our favorite go to incorporation of smell – hosting your event outdoors in rural or wilderness areas. Nothing will invigorate your guests with brains quite like the freshness of nature!


Sound in events can be iterated in many different ways. If your event includes an all out dance party, our favorite suggestion is to hire a silent DJ! If you have a multi-generational crowd, they can choose their own volume. If you are hosting a networking event, guests can choose to remove their headphones to network while still enjoying the event space. If you are hosting an all-day conference, stay conscious of changing up each session’s formats, like Ted Talk style, forums, debates, ect. This will keep your audience on their toes and aware because they won’t know what to expect!


If you are hosting a corporate event or a luxurious wedding, furniture will always be the way to satisfy this sense. Offering lounge furniture over standard folding chairs will keep your guests engaged – because who isn’t feeling at the top of their game when they are cozied up in a plush velvet arm chair? Want to step into the future with this concept? Provide virtual reality experiences where the user is offered items to touch and utilize during their experience!

Pulling in all five sense takes planning and careful thought, but the effect is remarkable for your guests and attendees. We look forward to curating holistic and immersive experiences to share in 2019, the year of the five senses!