Full Time Student → Full Time Event Coordinator

Hello real world! My name is Taylor and I am Red Carpet Events and Design’s newest Event Coordinator. I started straight out of college –15 days after graduation, to be exact– and It has been an exciting journey getting situated into this new lifestyle.

My first few days at Red Carpet have been eye-opening. Summer event season is in full swing and with our calendar filled to the brim, everyone is always busy with something. One thing that I have realized is that there is no slowing down in events. But with that, I’ve been given such a fantastic opportunity to hit the ground running and learn it all!

Jumping in, there is so much information to process! Taking notes, listening to everything, asking lots of questions has gotten me through. To give you an idea, if I had to pick a slogan to best describe my experience, it would be the advice that the team gave me starting out, “You’re going to feel dumb, and that’s okay”. Thankfully, as each day passes, I’m feeling more confident.

Though I had experience in the past with coordinating, nothing compares to the amount of work and detail that the team at Red Carpet puts in. I was fortunate enough to go to event walkthroughs, sit in on presentations and meetings, and meet many contacts that I will be working with in the future all within my first week. I love the hustle and bustle of events and the creativity behind coordinating. At Red Carpet, it seems like no idea is too crazy with the amount of inventory we have and the amazing people we have to bring dreams to life.

Overall, my transition from full-time student to full-time event coordinator has been challenging but fun. Most of that I owe to the amazing team at Red Carpet. By being welcoming and helpful, the team at Red Carpet has shown me that I can thrive in this environment. And I plan to. I’m excited to continue this journey and become the best event coordinator around.