The Wedding Planner

Here at Red Carpet we are incredibly proud to be Northern Nevada and Tahoe’s premier event production company. We may not be Jennifer Lopez and we may not get to fall in love with Matthew McConaughey… but we sure know how to plan a damn good wedding! From the start of design concepts to the moment the couple says I Do and everything in between, we’re here for it all. There are so many benefits to hiring a wedding planner for your special day. Check out our top 5 reasons as to why the Red Carpet staff can flawlessly coordinate your wedding!

1. Budget

It’s the thing no one wants to talk about but something every bride and groom must face. Budget. Whatever your budget may be, we pride ourselves as event planners on providing you with the best and most cost-effective recommendations that will make your wedding everything you’ve dreamed of. Everything we do from décor to subcontractors to design aesthetic is completely al-la-carte. This means you have the power to pick and choose what you want to keep and what you can live without. We want you to feel comfortable with where your money is going, and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen!

2. Wedding Emergency Kit

Your big day arrives, everything’s going great, you’re having drinks with your guys and gals, but you’ve just spilled on yourself and now your attire is stained. Ceremony is in 20 minutes- what do you do? Have no fear, Red Carpet’s here! We come fully stocked with all the essential tools to fix, clean, sew, etc. Our day of wedding kit is a must when we’re on site! As your wedding coordinator, we will always have your everyday emergency product needs at hand all day. Packed perfectly in our LBB (little black backpack) our kit has everything from Advil and hairspray, to a mini sewing kit, stain remover, super glue and much more. As a collective team we brainstormed together all the items we think you would need for that major in-case of emergency moment.

3. Design

What truly sets Red Carpet apart from other event planning companies is our wide range of services that we can offer. As wedding coordinators, it is important to have a wide level of control when planning someone’s big day. Because we are fortunate enough to have an in-house florist, design crew, and three full warehouses of décor and furniture we can manage all aspects that make your wedding perfect! We pride ourselves on customization by taking wedding dreams and transforming them into a reality.

4. Vendors

Hiring us as your event coordinators means you get access to our valued knowledge- like who are the best vendors to work with. When you’ve been in the event business for a while you are bound to learn the best venues, DJs, photographers, etc. We only recommend those we’ve worked with and those we trust. Once our client, you get access to the best vendors in Northern Nevada / Tahoe area!

5. Beginning to End

We are there from beginning to end when it comes to your wedding. We work with you, your ideas, your vendors, and everything in between to ensure a flawless day! It is so crucial to have a detailed timeline for every aspect of your wedding process. We, as wedding planners, will do just that for you. From tasks to be handled before the wedding to your send off at the end of the reception- we’ve got it covered! And trust me, on the day of your wedding the last thing you want is for you or your family/friends to be worrying about are the details.

The list goes on and on, but long story short, all you need is Red Carpet Events and Design for your big day! JLo did say it best when she said, “All you need is love, and a wedding planner.”

Check out our website HERE for even more information about wedding planning by Red Carpet Events & Design.