All the (almost no longer) Single Ladies, Put Your Hands Up!

By Amy Martin

What is the first word that pops into your head when you hear bachelorette party? Most likely, it is going to be something that involves drinking, dancing, or a night out with your girls. But what if I told you that non-traditional bachelorette parties are all the rave these days! Why not try something new and different, instead of falling into the lull of old traditions?

Slumber Party!

Remember the excitement you felt when it was your turn to host a slumber party with all your best girlfriends? Well who says that us grownups can’t still feel that same thrill?! Upgrade your childhood slumber party to an adult slumber party and you’ve got yourself the perfect bachelorette party! Put your face mask on, grab some Rose’, eat a sickening amount of junk food, and binge watch your favorite movies! This is a wonderful way to save money and still have an enjoyable time with old friends. Drinking Rose’ while in your pajamas- sounds like one hell of a night to me!

Sweat it Out!

Sweat it out! Yes, I’m about to tell you that you should exercise for your bachelorette party. No, I’m not talking about hitting the gym and doing burpees, but a relaxing private yoga class on the beach! Lake Tahoe Yoga offers great yoga sessions, especially for a group of girls looking for a way to sweat, stretch and relax. Detox before you retox, ladies! And to top it off, you have a beautiful view to stare at while you are getting a great workout in. Check out their website and book your next session with Lake Tahoe Yoga!

Make your cocktail and drink it, too!

Everyone has a favorite cocktail but do they know how to construct it? Take your girls out and start your night by attending a mixology class with Death & Taxes , where you can learn how to be a top notch bartender! After your class, put your skills to the test and hit the town! Make a game out of it- how many bars will let you get behind the bar and construct your signature cocktail?

There are so many different and non-traditional bachelorette party outings now; who wants to do the same old thing anymore? Take your best group of girls somewhere new and exciting. Try something new, I swear it’ll be fun and something to remember!