You’re Engaged! Now What?!

Congratulations! The big moment has finally arrived and you’re engaged! Some girls spend their childhood and teenage years fantasizing about their wedding day, but if you’re like me, you might feel a little lost on where to start when it comes to planning a wedding.

After he pops the question (and you share your exciting news), here are some quick tips as you begin to plan your big day:

1) Define Your Wedding Style – Do you want a formal affair, with traditional elements and a plated dinner? Or are you more of a rustic, laid-back bride? Or a mix of both? Decide on your style early, then everything can fit in from there. Use Pinterest, magazines and Instagram to help!

2) Pick a Venue – Again, your venue should reflect you and your fiance’s style. A large, banquet hall for a formal affair, or an outdoor spot for a rustic wedding. Venues can book up over a year in advance, so this is one of the most important decisions you will make!

3) Start a Budget – What is most important to you? Is it the venue? The food? Decide where you want to spend your money and work from there. If your families will be contributing, it’s important to establish who is responsible for what early on. Check off the big items first (venue, food, photographer, DJ) then see what is left to allocate to other areas (décor, favors, etc).

Take these key ideas into your planning process and fill in details around them to create a day that is totally you. And as we tell all our brides, make sure to take time to enjoy this special time with your fiance, friends and family. Congratulations and happy planning!