2020 Trends that Have Transcended COVID-19

As the pandemic broke, I had the bittersweet experience of being at this year’s The Special Event conference in Las Vegas– one of the premier learning and networking conferences in the events industry.  I always love to share my top takeaways from this annual conference. This year I had the camaraderie of event companies across the world going through the same dramatic event cancellations and postponements. I have specifically selected my top takeaways based upon their transcendence through the pandemic 


Bringing the outdoors in was a big trend pre-pandemic – live plants, real tree installations and other natural elements brought inside to bring an organic feel to indoor events. Now, we get to embrace the outdoors, well, outdoors! Outdoor events are proving to be a safer option. Fresh air and sunshine never go out of style. Red Carpet Events & Design has always loved embracing the natural elements of Lake Tahoe and this is more incentive to celebrate the natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada.  No need to transplant natural elements when you choose the right venue. Tents without walls allow for ample air flow and provide shade on hot summer days. Looking forward to winter, we are excited to explore events that embrace the outdoors – think après style with casual mountain flare, fire pits, heaters, ample snuggly blankets as souvenirs, and signature hot cocktails to stay warm 


Lin & Jirsa Photography

Micro Weddings 

The micro wedding is the new norm and we absolutely are on board with this trend. Pre-pandemic, this was gaining traction as a way for couples to focus on quality over quantity at their weddings. While our loved ones from far away may no longer be able to join us for the nuptials in person, the micro wedding allows couples to virtually connect with their friends and family through high quality videography. The micro wedding focuses on customization to create a distinctone-of-a-kind wedding experience. Money saved can go towards hiring the best vendors with their most premier options.   

Holly Shankland Photography


Prounouced“lar-gohm,” lagom is a Swedish word and philosophy meaning “not too much, not too little, just right.”

This philosophy is all about balance and moderation so that that everyone is taken care of. Never has there been a better time to adopt the Lagom philosophy in your life and at your events than now. In terms of weddings, Lagom can be translated to a transition from the exorbitant to a focus on curating a better guest experience that fosters deeper connections and makes lasting memories.   


Lin & Jirsa Photography

Plant Based Foods 

When I became a vegetarian over twenty years ago, I never thought I’d live to see the day when plant-based diets had become a catering trend.  As we’ve seen with the rising prices of animal products due to plant closures and supply chain issues, there has never been a better time to incorporate more plant-based food options at your event. Make it even tastier by asking your caterer to incorporate local and seasonal selections in your region to highlight the freshest flavors. When incorporating more plant-based options into the menu, you will be surprised to see that they are often gobbled up by all your meat eating guests. This trend leaves me dreaming of a future when plant-based event entrees are a focus rather than afterthought.

Photo by Jessi LeMay

Zero Waste/Sustainable Events 

Another trend that really got a boost through the pandemic is zero waste and sustainable events. With more focus on virtual rather than in-person, it is much easier to make your event green! You can say goodbye to wasteful printouts & signage and forget about any food waste from breaks and meals. We are hoping to see virtual conferences and events continued evolution to engage attendees in new and unique ways while minimizing the carbon footprint.  

Well there you have it, my top post-pandemic 2020 event trends! While the events world does not look anything like it did in March, these trends have proven to be sustainable and I cannot wait to see more innovation in the events industry. Say Hello to find out how Red Carpet Events & Design can help you incorporate these post pandemic trends in your next event.