Virtual Events Bring Real Joy


Red Carpet Events & Design is launching into virtual celebrations. Our remote and hybrid events are geared to connect people virtually, so we can celebrate together, even while apart. Remote events exist entirely on a digital platform. Hybrid events allow a few attendees to gather in one physical location but use technology to include everyone virtually. Hybrid events are perfect for weddings where a small group of attendees can join in the ceremony, but perhaps Grandma can’t travel. With hybrid events she’ll still be in on all the action.

Red Carpet Events & Design has partnered with our favorite vendors to bring a profound and rewarding event experience. We recently sat down (virtually, of course) with Casey Bell, the founder of Craft Productions to discuss technology and ideas for live streaming weddings.  

Casey says professional wedding videos are, “highly produced, consisting of multiple shots with added lighting and sound, post-production color grading and weeks of editing.” Bell explains that live streamed weddings will have a different feel since they are “simply a feed of what is currently happening at the event.”  

To make the live stream engaging and inclusive of virtual guests watching from home, Casey recommends:

1. Having different cameras for the video screen gives the live stream team the capability of having multiple shots to pick from for the viewers at home. You can have a tight shot of the ceremony and then cut to the wide shot while everyone moves around, while the 2nd camera finds the next best shot. The more cameras that are used, the better and more interesting your live stream will be. 

2. Before the event, pre-shoot video content to play as the viewers start tuning into the live stream. You can have a video editor onsite taking the footage from the event. This can include footage that was shot of the bride and groom getting ready, beauty shots of the venue, everyone arriving laughing and smiling, etc. We can compile this quickly so that it can be shown on the live feed prior to the ceremony. 

3. If the venue is outside and has the proper airspace clearance, aerial drone shots will enhance production value tremendously.It is very important to note that there are always uncontrollable factors when piloting a drone. Safety is first when flying, so clients will need to be understanding if the drone pilot says the conditions are hazardous.

The events industry is evolving, and technology will continue to be part of the traditional events experience. Casey Bell points out, “Online events provide opportunities to expand reach and gain attendees, without any obligations of traveling across the country. The future of our industry is hybrid, and we are excited to be embracing this new format.  

What is the Red Carpet white glove, virtual event experience? 

Red Carpet Events & Design’s experienced event coordinators will work with clients to develop themes and goals.  We’ll help determine the proper platform to host the event and rehearse ahead of time to ensure there are no technical glitches. We’ll reach out to your guests to make sure all attendees can connect and have a suitable video chat space. We want to make sure your guests feel knowledgeable and comfortable with the virtual event process. Our talented virtual MCs will keep the party flowing, seamlessly connecting the guests through games, previously recorded video content, and music. The only thing your guests will have to worry about is remembering to wear pants. 

In addition to coordinating the virtual event Red Carpet Events & Design will provide custom décor. Our packages will feature backdrops, custom signs and floral. Safely delivered to your door so you can honor your loved ones without worry and everyone can join in the celebration in style. You’ll have access to our extensive event décor collection and the creative services of our brilliant team. Furniture, drape, table settings-the possibilities are endless. For hybrid events, we’ll add in our traditional decorating and coordinating skills. We will work with the venue of your choice, ensuring that each step in the event process is safe, sanitary, and stress free.

When you partner with Red Carpet, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Love hasn’t been cancelled, connections still matter, and joy is still easy to shareSay Hello and let’s start planning.