How to Spoil Your Bride Tribe

Whether it’s your little sister, your childhood best friend or your college roommate; the girls in your bride tribe are some of the most important people to have by your side when you say “I Do.” Now of course your wedding is all about you, but we believe that spoiling your best gal pals is a must to thank your girls for all their love and support.

The best part about bridesmaid gifts is that they can be customized however you want!

We all know the wedding saying of, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue” right? Well we have taken this concept and twisted it to, “Something from Then, Something for Now, Something that’s Useful and Something that Says Wow!” Now let us explain.

Something from Then

No matter how you came you pick your bridesmaid group, each of them stem from some part of your past. Whether it’s a cousin you’ve known since you were born or a friend you instantly bonded with in your adult years- these girls are the ones that have stuck through your side through thick and thin. Our Something from Then gift should be special and sentimental about your friendship. This can range anywhere from a piece of jewelry with a significant date on it or even just a photo of the two of you.

Something for Now

This should be something fun for your bridesmaids to have during the bachelorette party or wedding! Customized wine or shot glasses are always a hit. A monogrammed robe to get ready in or even a cute embroidered clutch to carry all their wedding day supplies are other fun ideas!

One of my favorite gifts I ever received as a bridesmaid was a ‘Wedding Weekend Survival Kit.’ It was an embroidered make-up pack that was stocked full of all the wedding essentials- items like bobby pins, chapstick, mints, sunscreen, sunglasses to match the dress, tide-to-go pen, a stash of my favorite mini bottles of alcohol, candy and much more!

Something that Says Wow

This should be a gift you give to your girls on the day of the wedding. Surprise them with something to really accent their bridesmaid dress and make them feel even more beautiful! It can be a piece of jewelry, hair piece, it could even be shoes! (Maybe give them the shoes early to break them in ?). You want your girls feeling as beautiful and confident as ever on your special day so don’t be afraid to spoil them.

The best part about giving bridesmaid gifts is that you don’t have to break the bank to make your girls feel special. It’s not about how much you spend or how much you give, it’s about the thought and love put in to the gifts you’re giving!