4 Reasons To Plan A Destination Event

If you’re brainstorming for your next celebration or business affair, consider a destination event! When done right, destination events can serve multiple purposes and occasions. Whether you are planning your wedding or a company retreat, moving your party to a new location can ultimately take your event to the next level and be a great time for everyone.

Here’s some reasons why:

Unique Theme Ideas

When it comes to your event, one of the starting points you want to consider is the purpose. What is the goal of this event? What is the theme? Themes can determine multiple aspects of an event. The invitation, the itinerary, and lecture material are all things that can all revolve around a single theme. When deciding a theme for your event, location can be factor for fun themes. Explore themes that work for your event and what locations could help reflect that.

Different Activities

Taking advantage of the area where your event will be is a great planning tool. Depending on your location, the opportunities for new and exciting activities are endless! Want to go hiking? Or swimming? Or snowboarding? Or surfing? All of these things are possible. You just have to pick the right place. Ask yourself the following things:

  • What does your group of people love to do?
  • What is something new that everyone could try?
  • What activity would bring your whole event to the next level?

These questions could help you determine what is going to be the most enjoyable for you group in the new location.


Destination events provide your group with the opportunity to have a small vacation! Getting the chance to explore the local area is one of the biggest perks of being somewhere new. When looking into destination events, it’s important to factor in some free time into your itinerary for your group to explore a bit! This will give everyone the opportunity to have even more fun by experiencing the local culture.

plan a destination event

Bring People Together

When planning an event, people are often meeting for a special occasion. A company retreat, a new promotional event, a social party, or a wedding, every occasion is something worth celebrating! Taking this party to a new location can bring people from all around to meet in one central location. Whether that’s family members from all different areas or company branches from around the world, bringing everyone together in a new environment could provide the opportunity for people to strengthen relationships.

At the end of the day, an event is all about the people and all about the experience. Planning a destination event is not an easy thing, but it’s most often worth it. Red Carpet Events and Design can help turn your destination dreams to reality. Bring people together, have some fun, and ultimately create the best experience possible with the help of our team.