Spice up Your Winter Event!

Here at Red Carpet we love coming up with unique ways to spice up any event in any way that we can. Everyone loves winter activities but what if you can also bring the winter activities inside? Read below to find out how we bring the outdoors inside!

Chair Lift Photo Op:

Take your ski adventure inside with our chair lift photo op! Customize your chair lift photo op to fit your wintry event with our selection of ski props for the finishing touch.

winter themed party

Shotski Centerpiece:

Who doesn’t love a shotski?! Here at Red Carpet we love this centerpiece because it doubles as décor and a group activity! Dress them up with floral or place some shot glasses on there and your guests will be ready to go! This centerpiece is snow laughing matter!

Live Ice Carving:

Entertainment is a huge part of events. What can you do that sticks within your winter theme while still entertaining your guests? A live ice carving show! This is a fun and unique way to get guests engaged while giving them a show. Not only does it fit right in with your wintry theme, but your carver can carve whatever it is you’d like, including a company logo. It will be love at frost sight for your guests!

Mechanical Snowboarding:

Mechanical snowboarding is another great activity to bring the outdoors, indoors. This interactive experience is sure to impress both the users and spectators alike. Outside is snow place to be when you have an activity like this that your guests will love.

Don’t stick with the same old same when it comes to décor, activities, and entertainment. Try to break the ice, we guarantee your guests will love it!