Calling All Party People

Beer, champagne, and liquor, oh my! Everyone loves to drink and everyone loves to drink even more when it’s free! The average couple will be in their mid to late twenties when they get hitched and we are finding that guests who are within this age group hesitate on attending non “open bar” weddings. Unfortunately, the cost of an open bar isn’t feasible for every couple. In lieu, check out the below alternatives to uniquely incorporate alcohol into your big day!


Let’s Pop Bottles!


Champagne toasts are a key part to any wedding! The only problem is, they’re always during the reception. Switch it up with a champagne toast during the ceremony! Hide a glass under your guests chairs and when you’re about to solidify your marriage with a kiss, have guests raise their glasses to celebrate your special moment! On top of everyone getting early admission to the party train, how amazing of a photograph would this be?!


Beer it Up!


Life is so brewtiful when you have an ice cold beer in your hand. So if you don’t have one in your hand, you should probably get one. Hop up your cocktail hour with a beer garden and save the ales! Have you ever been to a wedding where there was a beer garden? I’m guessing not. Not only will your guests never forget this and if they do, hopefully it will be from drinking too much beer.


Alcohol You Later


Keep the party going! Coffee in one hand, Bailey’s in the other. Dessert is the best part of an event and people are changing the ways of desserts in weddings. There are cupcake towers, donuts displays, s’mores bar, but where’s the alcohol? Spice up your dessert bar with having coffee with Bailey’s to pair with cake, cookies, and so many other yummy desserts. A sweet ending to a new beginning!

Now everyone, make sure you get your wedding spruced up with these alcohol tips before last call!