Dare to be Different: 5 Unique Wedding Ideas that will make your wedding unforgettable

We’ve all seen the latest wedding trends – from succulent bouquets to interactive photo booths all the way to firework send offs, right? Here at Red Carpet, we aspire to find unique and non traditional trends to make your wedding the talk of a lifetime.

Donuts make the bridal party GO NUTS!

Why walk down the aisle with a floral bouquet like every other bride when you can shake things up with a bouquet of donuts! Yes, you heard me, DONUTS! Not only will your walk down the aisle be sweet and unique, you’ll also have a mid-ceremony snack in case your bridal party gets the munchies!

Who let the dogs out?!

Another non traditional and equally crowd pleasing bouquet- PUPPIES! Weddings are stressful so why not relieve the stress with (wo)man’s best friend? This will get the crowd’s heart melting right away! Bonus point: use rescue puppies and allow guests to adopt and save some cuddly lives!

Be Our Guest

We all know the best part of a wedding (besides the open bar) is the incredible food! Your guests have a full night of dancing, drinking and fun ahead of them so make sure they’re well fed- avoid allowing your guests to get hangry! No one needs any hangry guests! We love how this dinner menu adds a custom and natural effect to the tablescape.

Polaroid Perfect

Nearly 70 years after the instant camera was invented, they are again all the rage! There is something about the instant gratification of a photograph that gets people so giddy! Spice up your seating chart by snapping shots of your closest loved ones and hang their photograph to identify their seat. Write their table number on the bottom of the photo and make them find their photo to figure out where they’ll be sitting at your reception!

Cocktails and Confetti

It’s the closing hour of your wedding day and guests are ready to send you off with a final cheers. One of our favorite new send off party favors not only lets your guests have some fun, but it also keeps our planet safe. Eco-Friendly confetti is biodegradable and 100% recycled tissue paper. It comes in all different colors, shapes and textures that make it great for throwing in outdoor areas. Let your guests have some fun at your confetti bar and let them create their own send-off masterpiece.