Shiny and Bright

By Sarah Rizza

Like big bangs and bad mullets, that old 80’s adage, “Don’t mix your metals” is finally out of fashion. 2016 saw the rise of gold, bronze, copper and silver mixed and mingled in a glossy potpourri of polished hues. Red Carpet Events and Design fully embraced this metallic mashup throughout our creative process.

Metallics add character and depth to any room. Once relegated to the role of accents, metallics are taking center stage. With careful application, metallics can transform a hum drum color scheme into a chic, collected and curated masterpiece.

Like traditional colors, metals have a warm and cool feel. Golds, coppers, and bronze work well with warm tones: red, orange, and purple, for instance. Platinum colors are cooler and pair well with blues and greens. Golds and silvers can intermingle with stunning success, if neutral textures like wood, greenery, or stone are added to cleanse the visual pallete.

Like the surface of these lush shades, let’s reflect on our inspired metal moments.

Gold coffee tables; one idea, two styles: Our new hexagon tables have a crisp modern feel, while our gold stump coffee tables add a touch of boho chic.

At a Christmas social event in the Reno Ballroom this year, we mixed gold and silver tones—married with the neutral tones of greenery and wood. It was a brilliant success!

Below, our new mercury gold compote bowls add glamour and sparkle to a red crush tablecloth. We are bewitched by our new gilded platinum branch votive stand. The nearly 4’ long sculpture beautifully displays floral or candles for an endless combination of styles: classic Tahoe, sophisticated winter wonderland, natural elegance or even swanky Harry Potter.